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    Spring 2013 Fashion - What to wear when working out

    Posted by Caitlin Siegrist

    Mar 21, 2013 2:02:00 PM

    Ladies, let's face it. Swimsuit season is right around the corner. First, a spring vacation forces you into a bikini in the blink of an eye and then before you know, summer is here in full force.

    If you're anything like me and most of my fellow 30 year old women, you kick up your workout a notch in March and April - in preparation for showing more skin. Well, we've found it helps to keep your motivation by picking up some new gym wear that's fashionable and flattering. So when our Boston fashion blog, How To Dress At 30, was invited to the grand opening of the new City Sports store in posh Chestnut Hill, MA, we jumped at the chance to see the latest and greatest in Spring 2013 fashion for workin' on your fitness. And boy, were we excited at what we found!

    Mint Green Apparel:

    Loving the mint trend as much as we are?! Wear it to the gym, too! City Sports has an abundance of the cool color in tops, bottoms & sneakers that'll keep you on trend on the treadmill.

    how to dress at 30 mint green fashion

    Cropped skinny pants:

    We're seeing colored skinny jeans and black straight legged cropped pants everywhere. Why not continue the trend into our fitness garb? Don't be afraid to wear fitted pants when working out. The tight material can be very flattering as it holds everything in! Try on several cuts to see which works best on your body. And go bold by considering a pair that features color blocking for a stylish twist on a classic.

    how to dress at 30 skinny pants

    Bright colors and patterns:

    Fashionable gym apparel was everywhere we turned at City Sports. Patterns, bright colors, black/white prints and fresh twists on last year's neon trend really stood out. Wearing something bold is the perfect way to show your style while you sweat it out.

    how to dress at 30, boston fashion blog

    how to dress at 30, boston fashion blogger, city sports

    A fresh pair of kicks:

    Most people replace their sneakers annually because they need better support for their workouts. We prefer to replace our sneakers annually to better match the cute workout clothing we've purchased for the season. What? A girl's gotta look good! Check out this sneaker wall at City Sports. It's drool worthy.

    boston fashion blog, city sports chestnut hill

    Accessorize the look:

    Accessories to complete the look have really come a long way since the days of furry headbands and wrist bands. Brands like Under Armor & Nike have some cute options that'll add a little style to your outfit.

    boston fashion blog, city sports chestnut hill

    Breaking personal bests, not the bank:

    We tend to do a lot of our fitness shopping at stores with high value like Target & T.J.Maxx because they consistently have good finds so needless to say we were more than psyched to see that City Sports has its own line called "CS" that is affordable, quality AND on trend. Tanks were about $16, tech hoodies in the $50s and a great pair of pants in the $20s.

    boston fashion blogger, city sports CS

    Sizes that flatter your curves:

    We hear time and time again from our readers that it's hard to find fashion for women with curves. And it's even harder to find athletic apparel that fits and flatters. The brand new Chestnut Hill location has a line of extended sizes so you can pick from the great fashionable finds in a size that suits you best.

    city sports extended sizes


    Well gals, lace up your sneaks and hit the pavement. You'll be looking great and feeling even better before you know it.

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