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    Style Advice for "Going Out" | A Fashion Blog For 30 Year Olds

    Posted by Caitlin Siegrist

    Mar 15, 2013 2:19:00 PM

    By Guest Blogger, Anastasia Osborn

    First, let’s set some rules.  This article is in no way reflective of what is suitable for 30 year old women in Vegas.  In Vegas, all bets are off (pun intended) - every good fashion blogger knows it.  This is for those nights where you want to dress up, feel good, look good, and, most importantly, look your age. 


    Now, don’t fret when I say, “your age,” I simply mean that Hello Kitty went bye bye at least a decade ago for 30-somethings.  This is more to show that you are mature and well aware of how to carry yourself. And - this IS exclusively a fashion blog for 30-somethings.


    There are several occasions where a 30-something will want to look hot while not looking like they could transition to a board room.  Dates, dinner with friends, dancing with the girls are all times that well paired accessories with the right ensemble make you feel good, look good, and look your age.


    For example, I enter 30-something-hood with a celebration of dinner & drinks with my girls followed by a night dancing my face off.  What does one pull together for a winter/spring fete while looking age appropriate? Well, I’m glad you asked.


    To start, decide what you’re going to show off: legs or décolletage.  You get one or the other.  Not both. From there, you’ll be able to pull pieces into a great ensemble.


    Stylist advice to keep in mind while choosing your pieces:

      • Hemlines.  Like I said, unless you’re in Vegas, you should be using the fingertips rule. Meaning, your skirt hemline should come to your fingertips. Sound prudish? Well sit down in something shorter and tell me how lady-like you can stand without showing your Britney. 

      • Material.  There’s one way to age you: Lycra.  It can make you look like a 40 something mom trying to look younger. It's also good to remember that if it feels cheap, it probably looks cheap, too.

      • Knowing the cuts and sizes that look good on you.  And don't be afraid to have pieces professionally altered to fit you perfectly. I have curves.  Since I know this, I stay away from low waist pants and drop waist dresses.  My bottoms need to sit just below my natural waist and my tops can go no lower than the tops of my hips.  With that, my closet has a myriad of sizes because each cut, material, and designer will look different on me.  Get comfortable with knowing that one size up may make you look skinnier.

      • Undergarments.  Of course, if you’re going to invest in a dress, make sure that you’re looking smooth underneath.  Also, take some pride in your bras and make sure that they fit.  Seriously. Get fitted by a professional.  And like with clothes, don’t assume that because Victoria tells you to wear a 36C that you’re not a 38B in another designer.

      • Neutral palette.  Your ensemble or your accessories should be neutral.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a P.O.C. (pop of color), but I also know there is a fine line between bright and cheery and a scary clown.  For example, simple gold bangles and hoops look great with a Lilly-esque patterned dress. This is an easy way to glam up for the evening.


        I'm not a professional fashion stylist, but here are a few ensembles I threw together that are age-appropriate and completely fabulous.

        how to dress at 30 - going out outfit

        Dinner with the Gals - Ensemble Includes:

        Navy silk top

        Gold sequins skirt

        Nude patent leather heels

        Gold bangles

        Gold watch

        Starburst studs

        Gold clutch


        how to dress at 30 - going out outfit

        Spring Dinner Date - Ensemble Includes:

        White skinnies

        Mint flouncy top

        Navy blazer

        Grey flats

        Grey tote

        Gold jewelry


        With these tips in mind, you'll be sure to have a great night out showing that 30-somethings really do have more fun!


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