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Spring 2013 - Your Fashion Stylist

Spring will be here before you know it - after all, it's already hit the runway. Longer days, flowers in bloom and the excitement that a glorious summer is only a few months away. Let us play fashion stylist by helping you figure out what runway trends you can actually transition into real life this spring.

How To Dress at 30's top picks for Spring 2013 fashion for 30 somethings


Yes! A lifelong favorite trend of How To Dress at 30 founder Caitlin, black and white is back and hotter than ever. After last year's neon explosion, we've never been happier to see such a wearable color combo make a comeback. Day or night - this pair will keep you looking ultra chic. And if this post doesn’t prove our obsession with b&w, we don’t know what will!

spring 2013 black and whitespring 2013 fashion black and white


Let us be clear – this looks killer on the runway. That being said, this look is NOT for everyone. But for those of you daring enough to try it, keep stylish sophistication in mind. This trend can go from class to trash in a New York minute. Look for pieces with strategically placed cutouts that don’t show too much skin. The cutouts should be on the very upper half of the top part of your body so no muffin tops or back fat is on display. And ladies, we’re 30 somethings. This look is best for a night on the town. Your hot coworker that sits 2 cubes over wants to see your skin. Your boss, however, doesn’t. Pull it out after dusk.

how to dress at 30

little black dress for 30 year old


Stripes were all over the runway and are another very wearable fashion trend for Spring 2013. What we like about this look is you can weave it into any part of your wardrobe. Only want to dabble in bold stripes? Pick up a fun pair of shoes. Want to be more daring? Try pants! Afraid of looking like a referee? Weave in solid pieces with bold colors.

describe the imagehow to dress at 30

Start building your spring 2013 wardrobe now to keep your spirits up through the rest of this cold, chilly and way too long winter! Happy shopping, you stylishly sophisticated 30 somethings!


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