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    5 Things to Wear When You’re Pregnant

    Posted by Caitlin Siegrist

    Dec 6, 2012 3:16:00 PM

    By Guest Blogger, Katherine H.

    When you’re pregnant you get more advice than you could want or ask for.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, has an opinion on something pregnancy related they think is their divine right to share with you. 

    Well, here’s my two cents...

    Penny number one: when pregnant, no matter how much you love him, don’t tell your husband he can leave town for the weekend to hang with the guys – if he does, the smallest thing (like trying to lift a bag of dog food from the car) will cause you to weep and send hysterical text messages to your hubby. 

    Penny number two: don’t assume your self esteem will be able to survive in hand-me-down maternity clothes – you’ll need to go out and invest in some new key pieces in order to keep your dignity and style for those long nine-plus months when your go-to skinny jeans don’t fit.  Penny number one is another post in itself, so let’s skip it and get straight to penny number two:


    Five Things to Wear When You’re Pregnant


    1. Designer Jeans – You wore them before you had a bump and you’ll wear them again one day, but here’s the best news of all: you can still have your favorite pair of Hudsons with that huge belly.  Yes, they’ll still cost you about $200, but trust me, you will feel so much better in a pair of great fitting maternity jeans than relying on Maxi Dresses and leggings to get you through.  Buy the same size you wore pre-pregnancy – although it’s the same number, they’re designed to fit you’re growing belly.

    1. Maternity Camis – I’m not talking those bellyband things (yuck!), I’m talking true camis you can wear under blouses or t-shirts that are made to fit a growing torso (read: extra long, stretchy, and comfy).  You might get by with your old camis for a bit, but plan on investing in a few basics from a maternity line for those bigger, later months.

    1. A Hot Dress – Ladies, again, I’m not talking a maxi dress here.  I’m talking worthy-of-date night, little black dress.  You’d be surprised how many cute dresses can be found in boutique shops specializing in maternity, and you’ll need at least one, because weddings, dinners, and other events that require something a little more sophisticated than your work attire don’t get put on hold just because you’re preggers.

    1. Cute Flats – Even if you’re a stiletto girl, at some point you’ll need to turn in the heels for a pair of flats that fit you’re swollen feet.  Don’t compromise here, convincing yourself a larger shoe will only get thrown out when baby comes.  Invest in a couple of pairs of neutral flats that can get you through work, the store, and life in general throughout your pregnancy.  And if they’re well made and a classic style, you can box them up for future use.
    2. Lingerie – You wouldn’t think to go out and start buying yourself skimpy little baby-doll sets when you’re feeling huge, but do you really want to be going to bed each night wearing your hubby’s t-shirt?  Sexy is as sexy does and a new night gown or silk robe will make all the difference in how beautiful you feel when you climb in to bed.  Not to mention, a sexy new bed-time outfit is a surefire way to get that foot rub from your husband you keep asking for.


    What were your favorite things to wear when you were pregnant? 

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