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    How To Dress At 30 – Menswear Edition… 5 things every man should own

    Posted by Caitlin Siegrist

    Nov 8, 2012 3:29:00 PM

    Ladies, you aren’t the only ones concerned about how you look as you gracefully mature. It’s clear by the increase in fashionable menswear available at our favorite stores that our other halves want to look their best, too. Here’s where you swoop in and be his fashion-forward hero.

    Whether he’s your boyfriend, husband, brother or best pal, your advice can seriously benefit him. Not only will dressing better help his self-esteem but it’ll make him look more sophisticated to the rest of the world, too.

    Here are the 5 things every 30 something man should own…

    1. A great pair of designer jeans:

    It sounds simple enough but a great pair of jeans can take a basic look to an entirely new, more sophisticated level. He might hesitate at first but when he slips on a pair of really great jeans that are quality, flattering and something that will last for a long time, he’ll quickly turn a corner. Take your man to Nordstrom or Neiman’s and find a pair that suits him best. Be mindful not to pick a pair with heavy detailing on the pockets, noticeable whiskering or fading. The more detail, the shorter the shelf life.

    How to dress at 30 menswear jeansHow to dress at 30 menswear jeans

    2. A blazer that can be dressed up or down:

    At 30 years old, every man should own a blazer that he can throw on with jeans when you get invited to a last minute party at your stylish girlfriend's house or that he can easily dress up when his boss tosses him a 9am important meeting the night before. Consider picking up a piece in grey, brown or navy blue. Black can look too “suit” like but these shades mix well with jeans, cords or chinos. Jack Spade and Banana Republic are known for having quality pieces at decent prices.

    How to dress at 30 menswear blazer

    3. A comfortable pair of non-dress shoes:

    Let’s face it. Nothing is less attractive than jeans with dress shoes (especially black ones and ewww, white socks!) or khakis with running sneakers. Dress shoes should be worn when you’re dressed up. Running shoes should be worn when you’re at the gym. End of discussion. So what should he wear with jeans or chinos on a weekend? Why, leisure shoes of course! Brands like New Balance offer more athletic-type casual sneakers where a brand like Clarks sells more casual leather shoe options. Both are vast improvements from dress shoes or running sneaks.

    how to dress at 30 menswear sneakersmenswear leather shoeboot for 30 year old man

    4. A classic, basic sweater: 

    It’s easy enough for him to throw on his favorite t-shirt but maybe it’s because he doesn’t have any other casual, yet comfortable, options. Sweaters are the perfect basic for your dude to have in his closet. Worn over a t-shirt or a collared shirt, sweaters look more sophisticated than a hoodie or a fleece. Buy sweaters in solid, neutral colors like greys, tans and blues so they can easily mix and match with the rest of his wardrobe.

    how to dress at 30 menswear sweatermenswear sweater for 30 year old

    5. A collection of hole-less underwear and socks:

    No, seriously. At 30 years old, no reasonably successful man should be running around town wearing underwear or socks with holes. Whether he believes you or not, these essentials need to be replaced annually. Stock up at outlet malls where Gap serves up 5 pairs of boxers for $20 or Kohls where a 6 pack of socks is under $15. If he hesitates, make it a tradition that for his birthday every year you stock him up with fresh basics, along with something fun to keep you on his good side. Customize it a bit with boxers with beer cans print or vibrant socks if you think he can rock the style!

     Happy shopping, ladies! Think your dude needs deeper help? Post your comment or concern in the section below and we'll jump in to save him!

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