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How To Dress At 30 - 3 Pairs of Must Have Shoes for Weddings

shoe for wedding guest

Wedding season is in full swing. While you may have a slew of dresses to pick from, do you have the proper footwear to match? Footwear can complement a look, keep you comfortable and be a very versatile addition to your wardrobe. Here are our top 3 shoe picks to add to your wardrobe this season.

  The perfect nude pump:

This classic strappy pump in nude is the perfect match for nearly any dress in your closet. The ankle strap ensures you can dance the night away and the reasonable sized heel keeps it age appropriate. Notice the gold detailing on the heel. It adds a layer of upscale sophistication to the shoe. We recommend patent leather as it has a dressier feel better fit for a special occasion.

What To Wear To A Wedding - never the same dress twice!

what to wear to a wedding | rent the runway

The invitation arrives in the mail - you're excited to celebrate the nuptials of a loved one & bask in their ultimate bliss. But then it hits you - and you have to decide - what to wear to a wedding! Well, certainly not the same dress you wore to the last wedding!

Most women prefer not to wear the same dress twice in one wedding season - let's face it. After all, what if there are repeat guests in attendance who will notice?! Or more importantly, what if you just don't want to wear the same dress again?! Fear not. We are here to help make sure you don't repeat your looks and help you figure out what to wear to a wedding.

Spring 2013 Fashion - What to wear when working out

how to dress at 30 mint green fashion

Ladies, let's face it. Swimsuit season is right around the corner. First, a spring vacation forces you into a bikini in the blink of an eye and then before you know, summer is here in full force.

If you're anything like me and most of my fellow 30 year old women, you kick up your workout a notch in March and April - in preparation for showing more skin. Well, we've found it helps to keep your motivation by picking up some new gym wear that's fashionable and flattering. So when our Boston fashion blog, How To Dress At 30, was invited to the grand opening of the new City Sports store in posh Chestnut Hill, MA, we jumped at the chance to see the latest and greatest in Spring 2013 fashion for workin' on your fitness. And boy, were we excited at what we found!

Style Advice for "Going Out" | A Fashion Blog For 30 Year Olds

how to dress at 30 - going out outfit

By Guest Blogger, Anastasia Osborn

First, let’s set some rules.  This article is in no way reflective of what is suitable for 30 year old women in Vegas.  In Vegas, all bets are off (pun intended) - every good fashion blogger knows it.  This is for those nights where you want to dress up, feel good, look good, and, most importantly, look your age. 


How To Wear Mint Green - Fashion Blog for 30 Somethings

mint green bag how to dress at 30

Are you timid to wear this spring's mint green trend? Fear not! How to Dress at 30's fashion blog for 30 somethings is here to save the day.

Spring 2013 - Your Fashion Stylist

spring 2013 black and white

Spring will be here before you know it - after all, it's already hit the runway. Longer days, flowers in bloom and the excitement that a glorious summer is only a few months away. Let us play fashion stylist by helping you figure out what runway trends you can actually transition into real life this spring.

How To Dress at 30's top picks for Spring 2013 fashion for 30 somethings

How to score post holiday sales and deals

cashmere sweater, how to dress at 30

After holiday sales are a great time to score some amazing deals on wintry delights. Now that the gift giving season is over and warmer weather is near, the stores are desperate to clear out their cold weather goods. Here are 5 things you can snag at an amazing price that will still be in season when the next winter rears its ugly head. We’ll also let you in on our favorite places to score the best bargains.

Cashmere Sweaters: Cashmere is expensive – because it’s awesomely soft, cozy and luxurious. But it also goes on major sale after the holidays because it doesn’t pack away well in storage for the stores. Look for sweaters in staple colors (red, navy, black, cream or camel) that are timeless (cable-knit, crew neck or a classic V-neck) and you’ll feel great about this score year after year. Cashmere socks and gloves are also a great bargain. A word of warning - once you go cashmere, you’ll never go back.

5 Things to Wear When You’re Pregnant

By Guest Blogger, Katherine H.

How To Dress At 30 – Menswear Edition… 5 things every man should own

How to dress at 30 menswear jeans

Ladies, you aren’t the only ones concerned about how you look as you gracefully mature. It’s clear by the increase in fashionable menswear available at our favorite stores that our other halves want to look their best, too. Here’s where you swoop in and be his fashion-forward hero.

Whether he’s your boyfriend, husband, brother or best pal, your advice can seriously benefit him. Not only will dressing better help his self-esteem but it’ll make him look more sophisticated to the rest of the world, too.

Here are the 5 things every 30 something man should own…

1. A great pair of designer jeans:

Shopping After the 1st Trimester – Maternity Fashion Advice

By Guest Mommy-Blogger Faydra Siegrist

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